Walls Systems

Walls Systems

Wall systems are high suitable from small entry areas to large public lobbies where these effortlessly adapt to the surroundings. Coming in rich visual finish, these allow for creating perfect ambience within space and are also highly configurable as these are available in a complete choice of materials and finishes. These wall systems also support uniting of lightweight panels, high-performance green materials as well as other configuration options as desired by the customers. 

Coming in lightweight, structural backing that also forms basis of the system, we offer these in four distinctive panel styles with wide variety of material, finish as well as pattern combination choices from extensive surfaces palette offered by us. These also accommodate wide range of field conditions and can easily be configured so as to meet project-specific requirements.

Elevator Interiors

Elevator Interiors

Elevator Interiors are ideally suited for both new as well as projects involving modernization of elevator spaces in form of countless options that perfectly match up with the environmental, aesthetic, performance as well as budgetary needs. With packages suiting all typical cab sizes, here our expertise lies in providing for highly exclusive end solutions that can also be custom made as per the specific requirements of the customers. 

The available range we offer include LEVELe-101 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-102 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-103 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-104 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-105 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-106 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-107 Elevator Interiors, LEVELe-108 Elevator Interiors, CabForms 1000-A Elevator Interiors, CabForms 1000-B Elevator Interiors, CabForms 1000-C Elevator Interiors, CabForms 2000-N Elevator Interiors. Elevator Ceilings, Elevator Handrails, Latitude Bumper System.

Information Displays

Information Displays

Information Displays are highly suitable for handling the demands of large public displays. Providing for classic looks for kiosks as well as meeting the demands of personalized workstations, these systems assist in creating large public displays with multiple LCD monitor support. Further, these also feature standard mast heights of up to 10 feet with customization also available up to 20 feet. 

Here, we can also offer these displays with options of floor-only mount, ceiling-only mount, floor-to-ceiling mount options with use of specialized components comprising CPU enclosures, duplex outlets, mast-to-mast electronic raceways as well as data receptacles. Our expertise also lies in making these available with signage options in illuminated or non-illuminated finish, tubular stainless steel bumper rails as well as open structure that assist in enhancing visibility in security-conscious environment.



Elevator Doors

Elevator Doors
Elevator Doors serves as perfect way for defining the design theme through perfect utilization of space available in elevator interiors and exteriors. These also comprise of door skins that are made available for elevator car doors & hoistway doors in variety of materials, patterns as well as finishes. With these doors available in options including as Fused Metal Elevator Doors, Stainless Steel Elevator Doors and Bonded Metal Elevator Doors, we can make these available with varied standard overall clear opening sizes as well as in custom size options to pick from. 

Further, for durable performance, these feature stainless steel sheet based base of.032" (8mm) thickness with maximum thickness overall of.125" in relation to the pattern selected. With patterns drawing from Eco-Etch and Impression palettes, these can also be made available with matching finishes as well as pattern support with door skins being NFPA and IBC class A fire rated as well as UBC class 1 fire rated.
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